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I doubt that they're sweating sh*t.  Also, I believe that a lot of this is Bad Robot's idea as well, which is another real slap in the face to fans (one of many from them, fans will no doubt tell you).  It's so shockingly anti-consumer that the ENTIRE Into Darkness experience seems like it was deliberately designed to p*ss fans off, like they gave Abrams sh*t for the first movie and all of this is his revenge, from the postponement to the weak characters to the shoehorning in of a villain for NO REASON...

Meanwhile, I dug up my copy of Clerks on Blu-Ray and I'm honestly astounded at how much is on there, whole different versions of the movie, several commentaries, deleted scenes, documentaries, trailers, commercials, the whole nine yards and that's a standard.  Heck, those are the blu-rays that I have the most confidence in buying because I know Smith appreciates his audience.

Now, I was thinking about the idea of retailer exclusives, and here's how I would have done it for Into Darkness:  Depending on which store you go to, there's a different case: Enterprise, Vengeance, or Klingon.  And the menus on the blu-ray look like the computer controls from the various ships.  They ALL have the same special features, BUT because the menus are different there's maybe one or two unmarked easter eggs that are different.  The main ones being a little one-minute video (so they can be shared on Youtube when found) shot on set, the Enterprise one has a little video of Kirk and Spock talking to the home viewer (almost like the videos in front of an amusement park ride), the Vengeance one has Cumberbatch warning the home viewer, and the Klingon one has Uhura in the Mudd ship cockpit telling us to "hang on!"  Little exclusives like THAT I would be okay with.  Exclusives are meant to allow the fans to pick a design and motif they like, to express their fandom in a way, not to force them to choose sh*t.


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