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Re: Book Scanning Services
« on: July 22, 2015, 06:18:50 pm »
Well, after a longer wait than I had expected, I got my files back and they look GREAT.  As good as I had hoped.

My test package consisted of a couple comic books (the new JLA and Archie) as well as two old books I found at the used bookstore.  The comics came out GREAT, and with a cheap PDF editor I got from the app store I can remove the ads and useless pages, export them all into images, compress, whatever.  I should also be able to use Prizmo to translate the proper books into text and create something that I can actually edit and play around with... they offer to do this for you, but at another buck per 100 pages... considering the bulk I'm gonna go through, not worth it.

The only real issue is that they charge you an extra buck to title your file the name of the book... I'm not biting that, so instead I'm just titling and sorting them as I download them (since you can apparently only download one book at a time, this isn't too big of an issue).

So I'm pretty pleased with the service.

it's called if you're curious and want to give it a run.

Really the only issue I had was the wait to get these back, but it'll also keep me from just going nuts and splurging.  A package a month seems about right.


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