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Re: Bookstores
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:41:56 pm »
So, I just drove over to Point Loma Bookstar today. Its been at least 5 years since I last walked inside. It seems different, but the same. I guess it's just been so damn long that I kinda felt out of place....and yet it felt like home away from home. My main objective to going there was to grab the latest issue of Playboy with Raquel Pomplun as the new Playmate of the Year. Naturally I grabbed the remaining copies. Then I headed over to Borders. I knew they went belly up a while back, but I figured that there would be a replacement bookstore. Nope. It's now Trader Joe's.


So, I went over to see if Barnes and Noble was still around, which is a few blocks north of 'Borders'. They are still around. Grabbed the last copy of the Playboy issue they had on the rack. I feel like I have been driving all day today, which is something that I just don't do with regularity anymore. I hate driving. I'm glad that Bookstar is still around. It's nice knowing it's there when I need it.
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