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Re: Bookstores
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:28:45 pm »
(When Vanessa Hudgens is in Playboy, THEN it truly will be Disney.)

Just shows how old I am.  Although I'm sure it's more of how long I would be there looking through all the back issues than actually holding an issue (which I could slip between some NORMAL comics, which I'm sure are just as dirty in this day and age).  Plus I probably have all the pictures I was looking for anyway, just wanted some higher-res ones with the mag.

The last comic-con I went to I actually met a really cool old man who was a Playboy cartoonist, I bought a book of his stuff, I feel like a Mad Men guy with that thing.  I also have Serpieri books on my bookshelf, but I doubt anyone in my fam would ever pick one of those up.  So it's a very strange contradiction I got going on.


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