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Re: What Are You Reading?
« Reply #135 on: December 22, 2014, 07:29:07 am »
Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion - Phil Zuckerman

I heard my favorite podcast show (Dave Glover) interview Phil Zuckerman a couple of weeks ago and was fascinated by the subject matter of Faith, Religion and growing trend of ďNoneĒ. I picked this book up from the library and read the whole thing yesterday morning.

Itís essentially a study of apostateís (people who renounce religious or political beliefs) and why the change. Virtually everyone started off with religious beliefs, and for a variety of reasons no longer believes. This struck a nerve with me. Just about every story connected with me.

This book is not a slam against religions like many atheist authors tend to do (Prove to me there is a God). But just in depth observations of those who did believe and no longer do.

It even gets into theories of why this happening including a variety of secondary theories such as the guilt feeling of those, admitting they no longer believe.

What Iíve discovered about myself falls squarely in this group of folks, that simply just no longer care. Iím not an atheist. Iím agnostic. I believe in God, just none of the religious rules and I take the bible with a grain of salt. This self-discovery has been a long journey. It didnít happen overnight and there is not one event that triggered it. I have a personal relationship with God, but not with the community. I just canít buy into all the faith. And I still canít explain my belief in God.

I was in bible study for years trying to understand Christianity. Very little of it connected. Well, actually, none of it connected. Iím sure losing my daughter at 12 and my wife a few years later changed that all for me. Also the constant religious views people felt a need to broadcast, later politics getting involved and the easily the last straw of the arrogance of those who say they know whatís going onÖ and telling me Iím wrong.

This is in no way conclusive. My journey doesnít end here just because this book makes a lot of sense to me and validates some of my deepest secrets. I will continue to search for answers.
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