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Re: What Are You Reading?
« Reply #165 on: October 27, 2016, 05:47:14 pm »
I just finished Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and... well, lots of thoughts.

One is me wondering where the heck our pop culture version of Frankenstein comes from, cause the crazy doctor, the castle, the lightning, the lumbering creature, the sewing together of corpses, Igor... NONE of that is in the book!  Victor Frankenstein is basically a college student, he's Mark Zuckerberg!  Honestly, I kept picturing Remi Malek as I read it.  He doesn't reanimate corpses, in fact he's purposefully vague about how he creates life because he doesn't want the process to ever be repeated.  The creature himself, you think "arrrr, fire bad!" but I swear he just wont shut up, he narrates a huge chunk and frankly, he sounds like Frasier Crane.

And the book is like a nesting doll book, kind of like Cloud Atlas, first it starts with a dude at sea writing letters, then he transcribes everything Frankenstein says, and THEN Frankenstein quotes everything the daemon said, and that dude said EVERYTHING including what he ate for breakfast.

It's definitely not as tight or modern as Dracula, which I loved, but definitely interesting, if long winded.  It feels like reading a Nanowrimo novel, which it kind of was back in the day.


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