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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller
« on: June 24, 2011, 10:17:46 pm »
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Story and Pencils by Frank Miller
Inks by Klaus Janson
Colors by Lynn Varley
Letters by John Costanza

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is everything that you've heard and more. It's such an amazing piece of literature and art combined to tell one kick ass story about Bruce Wayne who as Batman had been retired for years and out of the game only to come back one last time to face a Government that wants him tried and convicted for his brand of vigilante. Along the way he takes on gangs and mutants that have taken over Gotham City, not to be outdone here, Batman also has one last dance with the Joker and a final throw-down with Superman.

Along for the ride is Robin, portrayed by Carrie Kelly. Yes, a girl. I thought this was a brilliant move and highlighted that in a world of superheroes, that they too are celebrities with the public at large. And the biggest fan of Batman is of course Carrie who did what any would-be fan would do...bought her own costume, only to end up saving the big lugs life and becoming the new "Boy-Wonder".

The only thing that's unclear in the story is exactly what happened to Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin. It is mentioned that he is dead, but how or why is left a mystery.

The story and words for DKR is just about as perfect as you can get here. On top of Miller's writing, the art is just absolutely amazing. Drool worthy in my eyes. And we can't forget about Lynn Varley killer watercolor's to bring the images to life.

If I were asked to recommend just one book to a newcomer into the world of comics, THIS is the one that I would tell them to get. I can't count how many times I have read this book, which I have read more than any other. Just a great story and it never gets old no matter how many times I read it. Many publications say that Batman Year One is the greatest of them all with The Dark Knight Returns sitting at #2. I for one have that order reversed.

Rating: 10 Stars out of 10 (Yep, I fore go the standard 5 Stars and really recommend this one).
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