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Re: Comic Con 2014 (July 23-27)
« Reply #15 on: July 16, 2014, 05:34:53 am »
A little place I like to call None Of Your Business Con.

Seriously, it's just a little con in Pasadena called Morphicon, I wanna go because a bunch of the old Power Rangers will be there and I always wanted to meet them (especially before they get TOO old)... and if you saw some of the gorgeous women in attendance, you wouldn't judge me.  Look up Ciara Hanna, Melody Perkins, Jessica Rey, Christina Masterson, or Erin Cahill if you need proof (hell, Erin knows my sister, I wanna get Erin to help me pull some sort of prank on Em, I just don't know what yet).  AND the dude I storyboarded that flick for, HE'S gonna be there with his whole cast for what might be the last time for a while, if I EVER had an in to meet and hang with those guys, it's NOW.

The thing is, I want to go alone.  I've done all the individual steps alone, but never all at once.  This part is what made me realize that my family thinks i'm baby Buster from Arrested Development.  No faith or trust that I can do this (I'm f*ckin' 30).  Even though I've flown to California before (to the same d*mn airport), taken shuttles to and from places (pretty much the ONLY transit I have to do the whole weekend), and walked the streets of New York at midnight alone AND wandered around Paris by my lonesome without speaking the language.  It is such a ridiculously safe trip by comparison to any other trip that I've taken, right?

BTW, I know that wanting to go to this convention in the first place is stupid and childish.  I'm not asking anyone to understand why I want to do it or even approve of me wanting to do it, I'm certainly not asking anyone to pay for it (I will point out that the convention is RIGHT before my birthday and no one in my family has ever had a clue what to get me), and I'm not asking anyone to tag along.  That would be selfish and childish, "come with me, just in case."

I just want a weekend to myself.  No family (especially not NOW), none of this Catch-22 garbage that's seemingly infested EVERY part of my life, no need to network with anyone if I don't want to, no comparing myself or my talents to anyone else, no stress (I want to plan the whole thing out so I can relax).  I haven't had a trip where I haven't had to actually DO anything (and yes, I consider sh*t like weddings or family get togethers work) in... forever.  I don't know when.
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