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Re: comiXology
« on: September 15, 2011, 07:40:13 am »

But where do they justify that price point for Digital Comics? Not worth it. If it were at least half off, than I think I'd be okay with. But the biggest factor going against Digital is there is no secondary market. It's kind of hard to sell this if your book increased in value, which makes having the real thing in your hands more of a sound investment. Besides, I just like turning the pages, turning the book sideways or whatever to look at the art. The feel of it, etc...

I don't think a company ever thinks about promoting a secondary market. In fact, quite the opposite. They will discourage it and make it harder if they can. They do not have the consumer mentality, and in some cases over the years that has really hurt the company. I remember studio's (like Disney) and directors (like Spielberg) say their works will never be put into a product you can hold in hand and own. That's just not right. But then along comes consumer's with this power to purchase, promote, tell others and now it's a whole new story for these greedy bastiges.

We can only hope the rules of economics will kick in and things will balance out.
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