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Re: comiXology
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:41:52 am »
I'm hearing comic's are kind of like art (and unlike CD's & DVD's). They have the potential to increase in value for various reasons. But the main reason for the increased value is the comic community and not the creator/author of the comic. I'm not understanding how the company will benefit by the reselling. Once that product is printed, distributed and sold, the company has squeezed what money they can from the process. I can kind of understand a company promoting their product because 'it will increase in value' but that's marketing. I would think popularity will help future work from the company, maintain their product and more so see growth. But again, once a product is created and bought, the owner doesn't benefit from that product any longer.

So the basic model is the same as other industries, but yea, a comic product has the advantage of becoming sought after and increasing in value.

Hell, I don't know. It's just my opinion and what I've observed with products in general.
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