Author Topic: Glean Keane draws in three dimensions  (Read 355 times)

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Re: Glean Keane draws in three dimensions
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:07:09 pm »
Guys, I did this today.

I did it and it was AMAZING.

Once the Microsoft store guys found out I could draw, they let me just be in there for as long as I wanted, which wound up being over half an hour, at least.

What we're seeing in the video is the prototype, the current version has so many more options.  It reminds me of Kid Pix Studio, there are all these funky brushes and options that just... make it more like play than professional art.  One brush creates an arc of lightning, another creates a rainbow, another makes it snow.  I could make it snow neon green in front of my face.

You could be an amateur artist or a pro artist and you'd still have to rethink everything you know because now, gravity isn't an issue: you draw a line in the air and it stays there.  I remember being a kid and being in this hot factory seeing people blow glass into weird shapes, now I just wave my hand and I can make a weird flashing glass light bulb appear in front of me.  It's just unreal.

Another cool thing is that you can draw in multiple spaces.  I tried the basic one, but there's also a space one, a desert one... and each changes the context of the art you created.

If you have the chance, I heartily recommend it.  As fun as the games and virtual locations were, being in control, exploring your own way... that's fantastic.  I think that's what the future is going to be for VR, tools more than complete experiences like games or movies.  Let the VR-heads create and explore their own spaces.


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