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Re: Microphone
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:54:05 am »
Over the last few weeks, Iíve been doing some thinking and research. I came this close to pulling the trigger on getting the Shure 5575 Anniversary edition. Thatís a lot of freakin money. So my mind started to think of alternatives. You can get an original Shure 55 ĎFatboyí just about anywhere and any condition. So I decided to go that route. On a side note, if I can get one not working, and for parts, I saw a great idea of making one into a desk lamp. I might have gone in that direction. But I did score a nice used one for $100.

I love the base stand and thought it was something they thought of for the anniversary. Actually the art deco base was very common for these microphones. I discovered you get the base too pretty easily. I scored one for $50.

Iíll have to do some minor clean-up and paint, but for a 1/3 of the cost Iím getting something that is fun, cool and makes me happy.

Iíll add pictures later.

This is a fun little hobby.

By the by, if the this works out nicely, I might look into refurbishing to original or the lamp idea. Cleaned up, these things double and triple in price.

Edit add:

I bought a stand like this (minus the black portion)... that needs a little clean up work. I've been noticing that some of the models have some very bright colored foam appearing through the slots of the microphone. I'm liking the red or cobalt blue. That will be my next part of the project to go after.

and then I bought the microphone Shure 55S Fatboy (used and some scratches) like this...

Yes, the anniversary edition looks awesome with the full chrome and bright foam and the slick stand. But $400?

and here is the 'desklamp' idea...

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