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Re: What Are You Reading?
« Reply #60 on: March 29, 2016, 05:34:58 pm »
Preview for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Number 2

I'm sure no one else here really cares, but I gotta say, this is the way to do a reboot/remake and it's so obvious that it feels weird that it's not done more often (maybe it is more common in comic books, I dunno).

They chose a moment that pretty much everyone who's heard of Power Rangers is familiar with, the evil Green Ranger episodes, and built off of that.  It feels like you saw an episode as a kid, then decided to turn on the show as an adult, and it somehow kept pace with you.  The dialogue is bette,r the characters have more going on, the scale is bigger... they didn't even bother to redesign or re-imagine the suits or the robots or anything, they just gave it better lighting and put it in more impressive locations and sequences.  So many reboots try to re-invent the wheel, you know?  Transformers and so on.  Some use the visual iconogrpahy but don't really understand what lies beneath (like Star Trek), but this feels like they just took apart the machine, cleaned all the parts, then put it back together so that it runs better than it did the first time.

Even the kind of quasi-anime art style they kicked the series off with is kind of perfect, a mix of Japanese design style but done in western execution... if that makes sense.  Which is pretty much what the show was, Japanese stuff filtered through an American sensibility.

It reminds me of what Boom! did when they did Darkwing Duck all those years ago.  And it makes me wonder what other properties from the past are in store for us, that could benefit from this kind of restoration.


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