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Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels with Peter David (2009)

I love to write and have been doing as much as I can to learn from as many sources as possible. So, I decided to give Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels with Peter David  a shot and see if there was anything new that I could pick up on. If anything, I like to see what other people's processes are, regarding how they approach writers block, getting ideas, format, etc...

So, how was this book? Meh. It was okay. The thing about most writing books is that they all come from the same place: Aristotle, who created the Beginning, Middle and End or the 3 Act structure. Everyone since then had tried to come up with their own variation. Some work, other don't. Overall, this book glosses over a lot of stuff. I really didn't find a whole lot of useful or new stuff that I didn't already know. The only interesting thing within' the book were the parts showing actual comic pages utilizing story and character structure. Other than that, there's not a lot going for it. You are better off finding books that go much deeper in theory and practical use then this one.

It's an okay book. I just can't recommend this one at all.

3 Stars out of 5
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