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Re: The Parody Movie Thread
« on: August 23, 2014, 03:50:57 pm »
When it comes to Parody flicks like Scary Movie, Airplane or Young Frankenstein, it has been hit or miss for me. I lean more toward those that are making fun of a genre like the later two than I do with Scary Movie which is more about making fun of specific movies. Why don't I like that? If I want to see the actual scenes they are ripping off, I rather just watch the original flick instead. But there are a few instances where they do nail the scene and it gives me a good laugh. But that's one scene and it usually doesn't make up the movie as a whole. Now a movie like Airplane, Naked Gun, Silent Movie, High Anxiety and Young Frankenstien, I can watch all day because even though it's a parody, what they are doing is not ripping off any one thing in particular. Okay, High Anxiety is definitely guilty in that department, cribbing a lot of Alfred  H i t c h c o c k. But it's the fact that it's Genre Parody > Movie Parody that makes it work for me on a personal level.

BTW, awesome idea for a thread! Why I didn't think of it before? Ack!
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