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Author Topic: Aliens (1986)  (Read 713 times)

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Re: Aliens (1986)
« on: January 31, 2012, 07:37:45 am »
I agree with your review of Aliens. Great characters. Amazing action and pacing. And yes, buying the box set is a waste of time.

I completely disagree with your perspective on Alien 3. And thatís OK. Lots of people walked away not liking Alien3. I understand. When I originally watched Alien3 in the theaters I was stunned and had those thoughts of not liking it. Over the years, I have come to find it just as good as 1 & 2, but in different perspective.

If you do decide to watch Alien3, maybe watch it with a new eye. I think the audiences weíre expecting Alien3 to notch it up. Aliens was better than Alien (because of the action), then Alien3 should have even more action than Aliens. If you think about it, that would be next to impossible, because Aliens was so good. Most likely repeating Aliens would be satisfying, it would be repetitive. Sometimes there is expectation of formula for sequel movies (Fast & Furious, Scream and Halloween, Mission Impossible). Thatís fine for those goofy fun movies. But the Alien Franchise I want change. Aliens is quite different than Alien. I see Alien3 revels yet another new environment, new characters and story line. Albeit, not a pleasant one with killers and rapist on foreboding desolate planet. A lot of folks were royally ****ed of killing off characters from Aliens. Fincher quickly dismissed these characters (yet the Newt scene was incredibly heart wrenching), to get on with the new story. In my mind, these were all bold moves by Fincher. He was taking a huge chance and delivered the unexpected. I have grown too really like Alien3 with itís new direction in the franchise.

Alien Resurrection (4)
is whole other story and complete fail in my opinion. That to can be discussed at another time.
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