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Banksy Does New York (2014)
« on: November 30, 2015, 12:27:06 pm »

I partially paid attention when Banksy was doing his residency in New York a couple of years ago and a few pieces that he did when they were posted online. But given that I don't live in New York, I was never going to be able to experience the hunt for Banksy's next work of art and that's what Banksy Does New York is. This documentary tracks each piece everyday as the scavenger hunt of New York consumes them. Whether you love or hate his art, the doc itself is fascinating to watch and I was having a different kind of experience than I thought I would. Everyone loves art and they have their own feelings about whatever it is that you view as art. Even though I don't think Banksy is a great artist (no better or worse than any other artist , I do however think his messages are interesting and provoke thought and conversations.)

As I was watching the doc, I got sucked into the process of it all. I was looking forward to seeing what Banksy would do each day as an art fan. I was enjoying viewing his art or anaylizing his message of the day. In that moment, I was a fan. And then when we start seeing people defacing his art by tagging it with their own names to glom onto his notoriety for their own personal gain, I became very p*ssed. I wasn't expecting that. And as the month wore on, finding the next art piece wasn't about the art, but about money as people were literally trying whatever they could to steal the art for profit. And as the perceived value of the art started to rise, the mentality of greed began to dominate what was suppose to be just about art. In the end, you have people literally fighting each other for a piece of Banksy which made me feel icky. How we got there just doesn't make me feel good. I began asking myself, what would I do if I had a chance to nab a Banksy knowing full well that I would be able to flip it for $250k. I'm still debating that right now. I don't know. Anyway, definitely check this movie out. It was a different kind of movie-going experience for me. I thought it would be one thing only to have it turn into something entirely different. By the end of the movie, all I keep thinking of in my head was....

Art = Commercialism = Greed = Violence

How the f*ck do we go from Art to Violence? Two polar opposites sharing the same sentence just does not compute in my mind and yet, there it is. Go figure.
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