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Author Topic: Breaking Bad (Season 2 - 2009)  (Read 1312 times)

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Re: Breaking Bad (Season 2 - 2009)
« Reply #15 on: September 05, 2012, 08:57:28 pm »

This episode is all about what goes down in the final 10 minutes. First off, Walt has is operation, so naturally he is doped up prior and lets slip that he has two cell phones. The look on Skyler's face said it all. She caught him red-handed. It's not till she is packing her bags after he returns from hospital 3 weeks later that we find out just how much digging Skyler did while he was recuperating. Point by point, she explains everything she did to uncover the lies that Walt has been telling her the whole time. There is just no getting around that Walt is up sh*t creek and no amount of begging or reasoning is going to convince her to stay.

Half way through the episode when they show Jane's father working as an Air-Traffic Controller, I realized what the flashback (or flashforward) scenes were with the Teddy Bear in the pool. I knew that with him morning Jane that he was going to f*ck up doing that whole-making-sure-the-planes-don't-crash thing. Sure enough, there is a huge explosion in the sky and debris is raining down....thus the Teddy Bear and everything else that would come from a plane.
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