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Author Topic: Breaking Bad (Season 3 - 2010)  (Read 515 times)

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Re: Breaking Bad (Season 3 - 2010)
« on: September 15, 2012, 01:48:37 pm »

I will explain what the title of this episode means in just a second. The entire hour I was watching this, I was on pins and needles, just waiting for someone, be it Skler or Walt or Jesse to snap and have a major freak out. Just waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop and drop it does, just not the way I was expecting it to.  Walt pleads his case to Skyler and tells her about the money and his reason for becoming a cook in the first place and that she has till the end of the day to make a decision about where to go from there. Skyler takes advantage of the situation and ends up banging her boss, Ted.

Walt has already made the assumption that everything is OK with them and has basically gone about life as normal in the house. So when he tries to manipulate Skyler with "dinner", the only thing she says is...."I  f u c k e d  Ted", and leaves it at that, And there is the title of this episode.

As for Jesse, it was kind of sad watching him basically redial Jane's voice mail over and over for pretty much the entire episode. Two things were at work here. He was calling to listen to her voice and probably hoping that Jane one miraculously answer the phone and that she would be alive again and 2, just waiting for her service to be shut off, making the finality of her death real. Just a very sad thing he had to do.

We get to see a little back-story in finding out who cut off Tortuga's (Danny Trejo) head back in last seasons episode Negro Y Azul. A little clue: It was the two bald headed dudes.
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