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Re: Dexter (Season 4 - 2009)
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:39:46 am »
Hello, Dexter Morgan

That was one ass kicking mother  s h i t  f u c k  awesome episode!!! The last scene was......


When Dexter and Arthur do that slow-mo walk to where they come face to face in the Police Station, I nearly  p i s s  myself. It was like watching Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang squaring off for the final showdown. I CANT'T WAIT to see what happens next! Arthur's got some serious balls to walk into the Station to confront Dexter like that. The entire episode was crazy good. The cat and mouse game the two were playing the entire time was thrilling. I didn't know who would get the better of the other. I don't know how Dexter isn't in a mental institution from having to juggle so many personalities, especially in this episode. A Father, Brother, Husband, Serial Killer and "Kyle". So much stuff went down in this one.

Christine is one messed up chick. I thought Deb knew that she was the one that shot her and Lundy given that they had discovered the height of the shooter earlier. But I was wrong in thinking that because it didn't make sense for Deb to walk into Christine's home without any kind of backup. I was literally thinking "this is the dumbest thing you could ever do because she is going to pull a gun on you", which is exactly what she does. She pulls the gun out and then......blows her own brains out after confessing that her father is the Trinity Killer and that she was the one that shot and killed Lundy and shot Deb.

Dexter was a busy boy, planting all that evidence to make it look like the Trucker was the Trinity Killer, all in the hopes to have that one last confrontation with Arthur. Sheesh! I was bit surprised that Rita confessed to kissing Elliot. I thought they were going to drag that arc out a bit longer and keep Masuda twisting in the wind of whether or not to tell Dexter about what he saw. Guess not. I did enjoy Dexter knocking Elliot on his ass though. There was even a moment of levity when Angel and Maria were able to stick to their boss who was trying to get them fired for having an in-office romance, by turning the situation into a positive by getting married. Haha.

One last episode. Saving the Season Finale for tonight to watch. This has been a fantastic season!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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