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Re: Dexter (Season 7 - 2012)
« on: September 11, 2013, 07:37:11 am »
Are You...?

I wasn't planning on doing episode reviews for Season 7 of Dexter, but I couldn't pass up on the chance to comment about what takes place in the season opener. So, I recently finished watching Season 6 and the final scene, the cliffhanger of when Deb see's Dexter killing Travis has been replaying in my head over and over. It actually left a very uncomfortable feeling with both characters with me and I really didn't know one way or another how the Season Premiere episode was going to deal with this. In my head, I kinda figured and suspected that Dexter would be able to talk his way out of it and convince Deb that it was all in self-defense.

Well, that's exactly how Are You....? opens up, picking up right where Season 6 ended. I knew that she would "believe" him because she needed to believe him. Her fragile mind wouldn't be able to cope with the idea that he willingly killed someone else, especially after her relationship with the Ice Truck Killer. I also knew that she would ended up helping Dexter burn down the Church to get rid of all trace evidence (all but one very incriminating blood slide that is).

The entire hour of Are You....? left me feeling somewhat shaken because I was very sympathetic to what Deb was dealing with, wanting her to make things right and understanding why she was suddenly questioning everything, replaying key moments in her mind over and over. Her suspicions were clearly on display and I knew that she would start to do off-books investigating of her own as she starts piecing things together. What I didn't see coming was Dexter returning to his house at the very end of the episode to find Deb sitting  among the ruins of his apartment with his knife kit on the table in full display and more importantly his blood slides. Holy sh*t! There is no way for him to talk his way out of this one and when Deb ask him "Are you......a Serial Killer?" and he simply replies "Yes", left me wanting to see more. Damn, Now THAT's a cliffhanger. Can't wait to see what comes next.

My guess is that the next episode will be Dexter retelling all the details about their father Harry, his code, Brian Moser, Trinity, Luman and Travis. And then it will be up to her to decide what to do next.
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