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Re: Dexter (Season 7 - 2012)
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:53:07 pm »
Sunshine and a Frosty Swirl

Well, Deb's reaction went pretty much how I had envisioned it in my head. Having her puke her guts out and the realization that Dexter is a serial killer and that their father Harry had a hand in shaping him when he was a kid is exactly how it should and did play out. I'm also not surprised that she decided to take on the role of Harry by getting him to move in with her so that she could give him a new code to follow, which I actually like. The other story arcs are just as interesting, especially the one involving Louis. I really want to see how this plays out. I was certain that he was a goner once Dexter threw him in the trunk of his car. But I like that he is trying to change for Deb's sake. It won't last long, obviously. It can't.

But I kind of have an idea of where this season is going. Dexter will tow the line for as long as he can, but there will come a time where some perp....most likely Issac is going to get away with murder and Deb will basically unleashed Dexter on him to do what he does because Issac is about to get away scot free, never to be heard from again.

The other interesting thing that is playing out is that Maria LaGuerta having found the blood slide at Travis' crime scene now has proof that Doakes was not the Bay Harbor Butcher. The case will blow up one way or another and it's going to be about sabotaging the investigation, either at the hands of Deb or Dexter.

I'm only just 2 episodes into this season and it's already better than last season. It remains to be seen if they can sustain this. But I will say that having Deb know Dexter's secret has changed the dynamic of the series in a huge way and for the better if you ask me, They can't go backwards now as we are treading new ground with the series. I like it a lot.
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