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Re: Django Unchained (2012)
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:34:59 pm »
I dig this movie SO much.  Seeing as I managed to get a ten dollar blu-ray of Inglorious Basterds about the same time this flick came out, so that gives me an idea of when we'll get an affordable version of this.  I know, I"m a skinflint.

What I love about the movie is often it will subvert your expectations... I'm reminded of a conversation that Mac and I were having about 3:10 To Yuma and how European and Spaghetti Westerns were more entertaining for us than American ones, and part of that is that the Euros were seeing the whole picture, warts and all, and exploring that from a distant fascination, while in the States we were too close to it and preferred the myth to the reality.  Dr King Schultz is definitely the embodiment of this, I think, he clearly loves America despite its' flaws and he loves the language as well, he had to learn English and he decided to learn it like a pro, he's easily the most articulate person in the flick, he so clearly enjoys being there, he's living the dream in a world where everyone else is clearly trying to survive.

The other big subverted expectation is the expectation that the wild west heroes are bold outlaws, but Django and Schultz operate in the strict letter of the law, they know how to use it and it keeps them from getting their brains splattered against the walls time and time again.

I also loved that they addressed the whole myth of the antebellum South (which, as we've seen with Paula Deen, is still alive and well), directly contrasting this so-called gentlemanly properly groomed beard cigars on the porch upper-class culture, sort of the Rural American version of Downton Abbey, with this horrible cruelty happening right outside (Kerry Washington in the hot box is a great visual example of this).  You know, you think of that ending where Django kills everyone and the walls of the estate are caked with blood and people reacted to that, but the whole movie set up that this sort of lifestlye is built on blood, all that ending did, for me, was show that world for what it is-- bloody, messy, and burning.


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