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Author Topic: Downton Abbey (Season 2 - 2011)  (Read 120 times)

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Re: Downton Abbey (Season 2 - 2011)
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:15:34 am »
Without giving too much away, you better learn to like Branson.

I like the villains in the show, but the show is really good about making sure that every person, no matter how despicable, contributes something so important and beneficial that you couldn't just wish them away.  I like that a lot.  Even Mrs O'Brien, who does something horrible in series one, still manages to score a victory that makes you glad she's still around.  You can't just get rid of characters you don't like in this world, because you know you could wind up worse off.

Daisy... did I say this last time, but I think in the first season Daisy's meant to be like 12 years old or something, she's still young during the War and in series three which is afterwards.

What I love about the show is it's constantly changing, jumping from era to era and seeing how the (changing) cast reacts to it.  I think part of the reason that the show is such an unmitigated success is that it never sits still, there's SOME stuff I felt that dragged on a bit too much but the ground is always shifting beneath everyone's feet and they're trying to catch up.

But MOST of all, and I realized this from the first episode, this is a show about death.  Death of innocence, death of class, death of lifestyle, the world is slipping away from the characters, and they can either adapt or die (or both) and we want to see if they can because we start to fall in love with this sort of dream kingdom that they live in that won't be around much longer.


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