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Episodes (Season 2 - 2012)
« on: June 02, 2013, 08:38:24 pm »

As great as Season 1 was, Season 2 is even better. It's slightly different from the first season, only because we are now full on in the world of Pucks. Before it was about wooing the creators of the British show and gettting the right actors for the roles. But in this one its all about the behind the scene sh*t that goes down when the show starts failing in the ratings and how "decisions" are made in a vain attempt to keep said show from drowning.

For me, one of the best scenes that plays out is when Matt, at the urging of his boss, puts out a call to his former castmates from Friends. Although we never see any of the actors from the show, Matt's conversation with the gang was frickin' hilarious. So damn funny.You can't help but picture Lisa, Matthew, David and Courteney on the other end of the conversation. I knew even without seeing any promos or spoilers that when Matt landed someone from Friends to guest star on Pucks that it would HAVE to be James Michael Tyler. Saw this coming a mile away and it was still awesome. Pretty much every episode is basically a 'Joey' episode at its core. Think about it, Matt is "playing" an actor (as did Joey did on Friends) and he is also basically using the same mannerism, witty jokes and dead-pan delivery (as was the hallmark of Joey). Hey, some would say Matt isn't branching out as an actor. To them I f*ck you! This show is incredibly funny and the writing is pretty damn good too.

Matt's story is only part of the equation. The other half of what makes this series work is of course Sean and Beverly as they try to repair their damage relationship after her infidelity.Throw in the fact that they have to work together makes this even more unique. There's a lot to like about Season 2. One of them was Morning and her cheek implant that goes south. Also great was the Myra Licht, the liaison between the show and the studio. For the first half of the season, her role was expanded more than what we had seen in Season 1 and she was funny as f*ck. But for some odd reason, as quickly as her role was expanded, she was practically AWOL in the later haflf of the season.

Another head scratcher in the series is Carol's devotion to Merc. Really? What the f*ck does she see in this idiot? They've never even given the audience any kind of scene that shows some kind of affection toward her by him. He's never gracious and basically uses her for sex. Yes, I know that there are women out there that just accept the crumbs they can get, but still....So, yeah....that "relationship" was destined to go the distance. Not. I loved how it all came to head in the last episode. Not just their sh*t, but Matt and Jamie as well as Sean and Beverly. I can't wait to get my hands on Season 3. I highly recommend this as a Rent. Personally, I will be buying the entire series if and when it's released in one giant box.

FYI, I would so f*ck Labia.
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