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G3 Live In Concert (2000)
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:04:42 pm »
G3 Live In Concert (2000)

This is probably my favorite of the G3 sets, which has Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Steve Vai. I may be biased in that I saw the tour twice and have watched this DVD numerous times. But it has been awhile since the last time I actually gave it a spin, so it seems fresh and new to me again.

Joe opens the set on the DVD (even though on the tour that honor went to Eric). What struck me as odd, is how subdued and almost catatonic the audience is. It's not just during Joe's set, but Eric and Steve's as well. This was the same in person too. I've noticed that of all the smaller indoor venues these guys play, the crowd acts the same way. It's like they don't want to be rude by dancing, clapping or whatever. Just really strange to see either way.

As for the DVD, Joe's set was good. Eric's was good. But Steve's set stole the show. He plays with such intensity that you come away feeliing like, why are the other 2 guys even on the tour? This is just how the DVD comes off, and is my bone of contention in how it was edited..drastically. We only get 3 songs apiece and not the full 3 hour shows they are. The run time for the DVD clocks in just over an hour. Not cool.

The highlight of the show for me is of course the Jam between the 3 Guitar Gods to close out the show. And it's a doozy. This is how you do a Jam the right way (pay attention and learn Yngwie). Some interesting FYI's about the Jam itself. Eric comes out wearing Headphones. The reason being, is that he was quoted as saying that the PA system was ridiculously loud and his ears could not take it. Thus...earmuffs were required.

And the dude that's singing lead vocals on "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama" is Mike Keneally, who is from Frank Zappa's band as well as a God to Vai himself. He is a local hero as he is from San Diego and is very pro-active in the music scene here. He really gets to shine during the tour.

Personal fave performance: "For The Love Of God"

Video and Audio are top notch although there's a segment during the Jam, where you can hardly hear Stevie's playing. Not sure if it's the mix or the DVD itself.

By the way, if you come away liking the DVD set, check out the CD as it's not just a port from the DVD. Eric has entirely different song list, and all the performance are completely different as well. And there is one solo that comes at the very end during the Jam. It's so good that I always play that particular section on loop and just listen to it hours on end.

This is absolutely a Buy.
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