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Re: Ghost in the Shell (2017)
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:22:54 pm »
Halfway through, it's not really making me think of Ghost In The Shell, you know what it's reminding me of?

Back To The Future 2.  The shot of that first day (side though, isn't it weird that so much of this movie takes place during the DAY?) where ScoJo is walking down the street and there's that giant fish sologram swimming about?  That totally reminded me of the holographic Jaws from BTTF 2.  Plus there's that goofy car that passes in the background, and on top of that, Batou's car looks like the freakin' Deloreon, doesn't it?  I'm waiting for the wheels to flip and for it to take off into the air.

Oh, side thought on Batou:

Until he lost his eyes, my mind kept switching between thinking he was Keifer Sutherland or Jack Black.  Either of which would be entertaining, I have no idea who he is, I THINK he's Dutch, I also always thought the eyes in the animation was a stylistic choice and not weird little lenses.

The other movie that this is making me think of is Robocop, since it's her human brain in a metal shell now (rather like how they changed the Fugitoid in Ninja Turtles, now that I think about it).  I was really thinking it when we went to the corporate HQ and there were those sentries and that tank thing that was SO ED-209 that it wasn't even funny.

It feels like this weird halfway point between Robocop and what the original Ghost In The Shell was, that anime had cybernetics way more advanced, they had brain downloads and ****, you got the feeling there were other bots like the Major out there and that the human body was becoming this weird expendable appendage... it was the end of the biological age of mankind.  This movie felt more like the beginning of that phase.  It's like a prequel to itself.

And one thought, you know I'm sick unto death of holograms, I think it's a lazy way to add "Flash" to the future without actually DOING anything, i didn't like the solograms from the first time I saw them in the previews because they kept messing with my sense of scale, but holy cow, that fish one I mentioned earlier, just SWIMMING across the street?  That's just stupid and dangerous.  And unless you're really far away, you can't see much of the solograms on the sides of buildings so what good are they?  And imagine if you lived in one of those buildings or had an office, how much would it suck to look out and see a fat sumo wrestler's *ss or something like that?


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