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Glass (2019)
« on: May 30, 2019, 07:34:46 pm »
Glass (2019)
2 Stars out of 5



Well, the rating pretty much sums up my feeling for Glass. It is AWFUL! I should have known better than to think that M. Night Shyamalan was up to the challenge of ending his Unbreakable Trilogy on a high note. NOPE! I seriously detest this so-called movie. M. Night is without a doubt the most pretentious film maker today and for the matter, the past 25 years. He is just not a good film maker. He cribs a lot of shots from other directors that actually know when to use it rather as a crutch to cover up poor storytelling. It goes without saying that he is a terrible writer that thinks that just coming up with a "Twist" at the end is all one needs to be consider a decent writer. But even he can't do this. He did once and has been living off said Twist his entire career. Please, just go the f*ck away and stop wasting everyone times with you self-indulgent dreck. How the f*ck does he continue to have a career with so many misfires. Yeah, I was at the end result of Split given how many bombs he has had over the years and the notion he could ever produce anything of quality. It took just one movie removed from Split to undo any good will he got from me. I'm done. I will never watch another one of his "films" again. Only reason this gets 2 stars is for the pool of characters that James McAvoy delivers. Both Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson are wasted in this movie.....and not in the stoner way. Might have been better if they had been stoned.
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