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Jessica Jones (TV Series Season 1 - 2015)
« on: March 04, 2018, 08:11:14 pm »
Jessica Jones (TV Series Season 1 - 2015)
3 Stars out of 5



Okay, I've been looking forward to checking out Jessica Jones for a while now, especially with all the Reviews pouring in with titles like "The Best TV Series in year...." and "...the best Marvel Series on air right now". With stuff like this, how can I not get pumped up to see this? I went into this with way too much hype and expectations and of course it did not meet them at all. Don't get me wrong, the show is good. But is it the 'be all, end all" that everyone has made this out to be? No.

Let me back up a bit here. The characters and the actors are great in their roles and even the story itself was something of a breath of fresh air. It's the pacing of the entire season that does more harm then good here. Having Jessica going toe to toe with Killgrave, a man that can brainwash anyone merely by saying whatever he wants is a good plot point. My issue with the entirety of Season 1 is that they kind of blew their wad a bit too early. The first half of the season was great....it's the second half that honestly was a bit thin. To me, they revealed Killgrave way too early in the first half and since he is the main Villain and naturally will have to make it to the end for the final confrontation left the second half with what I would call "filler" episodes. I mean, how many times can you capture Killgrave only to have him escape at the very last second and suspend disbelief? So, stretching episode after episode just to save Killgrave for the finale is just asking too much from a viewer. Well, for me anyway.

Another thing that was just a bit weird to see is there really wasn't any FX shots save for maybe 2-3 all together. The series comes off more like an Independent Film that has to use creative editing to get around what a big blockbuster movie would use in selling everyone's respective powers. So, all the fight scenes that take place just come across as woefully underwhelming to say the least. I'm not asking that they go crazy with FX shots, but if you want to at least make it appear that both Jessica and Luke Cage have incredible powers, than you're gonna have to come with more than just clever editing. With that said, I do recommend this as a Rent for sure. It's a good series.....just not what everyone has made it out to be.
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