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Re: Lost (Season 4 - 2007)
« on: August 28, 2012, 05:38:35 pm »
Meet Kevin Johnson

If you want to watch a Lost episode that is 100% captivating, this is the one. Sure, it will help if you have seen all the episodes of the series leading up to this one to get the full effect. This episode delievers big time as the bulk of the episode is all flashback as we follow "Kevin Johnson", or more precisely, Michael. We see the missing time that fans of the show were curious to know about once he and Walt were sent home from the Island after being released by Ben. We learn that Walt has disowned Mciahael after his father told him about killing Ana Lucia and Libby. We see that no matter how hard he tries, Michael can't kill himself because the Island won't let him. We see that 'Nice Guy' Tom as well as Ben have been tracking his whereabouts. And we see how he came to be on the Boat that Sayid and Desmond are currently on and what his purpose is. Very good.

As good as that was, the cliffhanger was even better. An unknown assassin shoots and kills Karl and Danielle. Wow. We end on Alex who is surrendering to an unknown assailant. But who is it? Stay tuned.............

Always cool to see Libby.
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