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Re: Lost (Season 5 - 2009)
« on: September 09, 2012, 04:57:49 pm »

A very interesting episode that literally picks up right where Sawyer lowers John into the Well, which leads to him moving the Island again, thus stopping them from traveling through time. But Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel and Miles don't stop in their time. They end up in 1974, still on the Island and still with the Dharma Initiative still a thriving community, with Horace running the show. The episode basically tracks 3 years of the gang first trying to stay within the community to actually being one of the DI's with Sawyer taking on the name LaFleur. The episode ends where Jin bringing Jack, Hurley and Kate back to Sawyer....

It's a great episode that I never get tired of watching and they did something brilliant with Sawyer and Juliet falling in love with each other in the 3 years they have been waiting for Jack and company to return. It's not just some fling either. They truly love each other which makes Kate's return into Sawyers life all the more compelling.
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