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Re: New DVD's Coming Soon........
« on: July 09, 2015, 11:48:51 am »
This sort of thing happens in South Korea, there's one major movie studio (unfortunately I forget which) that releases movies in theaters and digital on the same day!  The thing is, South Korea is WAY more connected than we are in the states.  Faster, ubiquitous (and I'm gonna guess unthrottled) makes piracy so quick and easy that they didn't have a choice.  They can download a movie in a few seconds.  We can't.  And they are way more computer literate than we are.  And, more importantly, our country is MUCH bigger and has a much wider range of conditions than any other country (that's why it's so hard to do big stuff on a national level, like universal health care, light rail trains, etc... our size is an issue we haven't figured out yet).

As much as I'll lament the end of physical media... which I think is further off than we expect, I don't know how much bigger my library can get.  CDs are almost gone, but it's been that way for a while.  And CDs are NOT movies or TV shows.  Every song on a CD can stand on its' own, TV shows and movies need to be complete.  I don't know if blu-rays are as near gone as you think because they keep releasing old flicks on the format... they might not be as prestigious as they once were, but multiple-movies per package (all the Lethal Weapon movies, or all the TMNT movies) is a pretty sweet deal.  And there are plenty of people who don't have access to good=enough internet or even decent credit to be able to buy Netflix or Amazon.  And I think a movie company would be nuts to keep a consumer from being able to BUY  a product of theirs.  Maybe it'll all become custom like the Warner Archive movies, maybe it'll boil down to Criterion releases or something.  Who knows?  But physical has a longer shelf life here than we think.


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