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Re: Pete's Dragon (2016)
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:48:50 pm »
I remember liking the remake of Pete's Dragon... such. big fan of the original that I bought the remake when it came out (I think The Jungle Book, another movie I love and that I believe we discussed, came out on blu-ray around the same time... I bought both).  But I haven't seen it since, I honestly don't remember how it ended.

I love that they stayed away from the original version in terms of story and just extrapolated off the basic idea, a little boy on his own whose best friend is a dragon.  That's great, and that's pretty much what everyone remembers anyway.  And I love that it takes place in an almost sort of never-time, you have no idea what era it takes place in, and it doesn't matter.  It almost feels like a memory already.

The design of Elliot is interesting... looking back at the original, with that hair and that big lantern jaw, I feel like... doing him in 3D might make him look like Shrek, in a funny way... specifically Chris Farley Shrek.  Which could be interesting but I don't know how accurate it would be.  The furry dog thing is interesting, he has a different shape to him and thus a different personality... but I suppose it works for a beast living that far north (or that far south, the did shoot this in New Zealand).  I never thought of there being dragons suited to different climates before.  But Falcor had fur too, right?  Why is that so odd?

Going off on a bit of a tangent, in September I got this art book of Disney dragons which features both Elliots, Malificent and so on.. the old artwork which I would have just been mesmerized by as a kid, but there's also stills and CGI in there.  My mom saw it and said I should show it to Charlton one day (he's the little neighbor kid), and I realized "if he looked at this book... he'd have no reason to think that dragons aren't real.  They're there, they're with normal people.  And adults watch a show with dragons in them.  Of course dragons exist."  I can't imagine what my imagination or view of the world would have been if this level of imagery existed back then, given how captivated I was by what already exists.


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