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Author Topic: Role Models (2008)  (Read 337 times)

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Re: Role Models (2008)
« on: February 15, 2013, 10:00:03 pm »
yeah that kid is awesome

so weird to think when I saw this I wasn't as huge into KISS....I am trying to think now, what the date was or what really got me back into it...I am sure talking with you brought it back 10 fold...but I know getting the vinyl...but before that I was downloading a lot of clips...I remember buying KISSOLOGY 3.....time flies....glad I am back with a passion for the band,

I gotta say I look at photos of Zeppelin now...and it's like...yawn.

I love seeing Page's guitar...

but I never ever realized seriously how **** ballsy Gene was breathing fire all these years...I was looking at a ton of photos of him breathing fire.

that dude is CRAZY.

seriously...that is some deadly ass sh*t right there...and the blood...not dangerous...but man how shocking and disturbing...it's easy to take it all for granted.  I don't anymore, they worked for it.

funny story...something I read said about a year in Paul was complaining to the management (with Gene there) that Gene was showboating and "overacting" on stage...he said when people would tape the band of take photos, it would always be of Gene.

gene said flat out "I think you are under acting"

and thus...he won the argument management agreed, and Paul didn't have a leg to stand on....and we have Paul shaking his ass and dancing etc now.


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