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Author Topic: Stand by Me (1986)  (Read 249 times)

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Re: Stand by Me (1986)
« Reply #15 on: April 28, 2013, 11:33:15 pm »
Also, I know his character's name is Chris, but my name is also Chris and I don't want to keep typing "Chris is gay," and not because it's like a chant and will come true if you say it enough, nor am I overcompensating for anything in the other threads, not at all, not me, not straight-as-an-arrow Chris!

But hear me out, they're very close, they care for each other like they wouldn't care for anyone else, I guess it would be kinda nice if they were a little curious, give them the option to at least find out if it's true or not (and maybe they're not, which is fine, just closure on that avenue), at least, but it was the fake 50s, who knew about that sort of thing back then, or dared to think?  You can certainly select some evidence to support that theory (remember the talk about schools? "You'll meet other boys." "You mean other p*ssies?"  Ponder that.  Ponder, I say!)  At least keep your mind open to the possibility, but the nicest interpretation of that, like a tragic young love story type thing.

BTW, how is Gordie aware of what's happening with the gang, given that he's not there for it?  Like, I can see how he would guess how the gang starts to follow them, but how does he know about the game of chicken?


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