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Venom (2018)
« on: April 01, 2019, 06:59:47 am »
Venom (2018)
3 Stars out of 5



When the first trailer for Venom dropped, I was not happy. I just didn't think the 'Venom' that was revealed was all that impressive. I actually thought the FX looked 20 years old and didn't have any desire to watch this. Even as word got out from the audience when the movie finally dropped, I still had no desire in spite of all the "rave reviews" pouring in. Well, I finally got the chance to see Venom for myself and......it needs work. Lots of work. I still think the FX looks like garbage, especially by today's standards. But there is hope. Remember, it took Marvel 3 tries in getting the Hulk to look good and since then they have been able to refine and tweak the look to perfection. So, I'm holding out hope that Venom is also a work in progress and they too can finally get it done the right way.

So, what about the movie as a whole? Needs work. The Big Bad Villain was just not all that compelling. I didn't give a sh*t that he would also become infected with a symbiote and transform into Riot. I found this to be the least interesting thing about the movie and the showdown at the end left a lot to be desired. Honestly, the only thing I thoroughly enjoyed in the movie was Tom Hardy, or more specifically his conversations with with Venom. When he is talking to himself, I found their relationship to be that of a bickering married couple. It's the way they talked to each other that gives the movie some much needed laughs. I say it's worth a Rent, but nothing more. Loved the cameo by Stan Lee (which I absolutely did NOT expect to see given that this wasn't part of the MCU). Loved the response of Venom "Who is that guy" quip. Also was not expecting the post credit Bonus Scene with Woody Harrleson of all people to play Cletus Kasady, who of course becomes Carnage. So, I'm definitely looking forward to a Sequel if Carnage is going to be the Big Bad Villain for this one. But as I said before, fix the CGI and give me a great story along with it. Otherwise is just going to be another misfire.
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