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Re: Super 8 (2011)
« on: April 10, 2012, 07:38:45 am »

I too enjoyed Super 8. Just fun, quality sci-fi with a monster. Yea, the monster looks vaguely familiar {cough}Cloverfield{cough,cough}. I loved the way they built up the tension and slow reveal of the monster. If I had a gripe that would have been too much of the Alien at the end. I also didnít quite understand the Aliens need of all the appliances and metals and such. I guess the Ďmagicí moment at the end was the answer. I still donít get it.

The kids were great. Gabriel Basso as Martin I recognize from The Big C, which recently started its new season. The bizarre thing for me is, Iíve told my wife, Gabriel is almost a mirror clone of my son in the way he looks and acts.

Anyway, back to the movie. I was pretty amazed how Super 8 emulated Steven Spielbergís work. From the camera angles and movement, which I find unique and developed from Spielberg, to the emotional story telling. Either he was on the set a lot or he just has immense influence on JJ Abrams.

Once I get my home theater set up, I will be checking this out again for the train wreck scene.

I enjoyed it, but it's just a rent for me.
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