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Atomic Blonde (2017)
« on: July 14, 2018, 08:32:15 pm »
Atomic Blonde (2017)
4 Stars out of 5



So, how do you actually make an 80's flick and not have it look anything like you expect an 80's flick to be when it's set in a very visual decade? Ya set it in Berlin. I had no idea going into Atomic Blonde that it was going to be set in the 80's. I can't remember if the Trailer at the time it dropped, if it ever made it clear what decade it would be in. I remember watching the trailer, but it went by so fast that as soon as it ended, I forgot about it. But the one thing I have been hearing a lot about was that this movie had to be seen, so my expectations were kinda high going into this and it doesn't disappoint. If I had to describe Atomic Blonde, it's basically a female version of Jason Bourne, which means this movie is gritty and violent. There are plenty of action scenes here, but it's one fight scene in particular that will leave you begging stunned in all it's glory.

When the forementioned fight starts off, I wasn't acutely aware what was happening at first. You're watching the fight unfold and then after a few minutes, I realized "hey, this is a one shot/one take scene. As the fight goes onward, you really become even more impressed by what you are witnessing. The amount of choreography and rehersals that went into this had to have been weeks because everyone had to hit their marks precisely: the actors, camera man, stunt men, crew, you name it. One wrong move and it would ruin the take. Now, this is what I perceived it to be. I couldn't recall any "cuts" off the top of my head. But what's kinda making me think it had to be some sort of "trick" is that as the fight continues on,  Charlize Theron is taking a massive beating, her face is a mess....bloody and all. So I don't know how or where that was coming from during this one shot. Obviously they are going beat her up to a bloody pulp. So, I'm really curious how they did that.

Anyway, the story is good. The twist keep you guessing to the very end and even I kind of didn't see it coming because we are lead down different roads before we arrive at the end. Yeah, I highly recommend checking this out. Fun movie and a greatest hits soundtrack of all the 80's biggest songs you know, love and remember. If it wasn't for the songs and the Berlin wall, I would never remember when this  was taking place. Flick looks "dated", but current if that makes sense. It seems modern. 4 Stars out of 5.
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