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Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« on: June 08, 2012, 06:02:38 am »
Tower Heist

Iíll admit, I brought home Tower Heist only in the event we had nothing else and/or my wife wanted to watch it. I already have bias against Eddie Murphy and the consistently bad crap he puts out and Ben Stiller who pretty much does the same character in every movie. So looking forward to this movie was not even a thought.
I thought Tower Heist was supposed to be a comedy. At least thatís what the trailer indicated. And slapstick comedy at that. I thought Tower Heist was having a very difficult time deciding what it wanted to beÖ drama or comedy. It does have comedy, but it one of the more understated comedy movies Iíve ever seen. Until the 3rd act where it does get a little slapstick. I donít think people laughed at this movie, but they may have grinned mostly.
This has one of the more odd collection of castings I could think of. It kind of worked, but many times Iím thinking WTF. Gaboure Sidibe using a Jamaican accent was just silly. Eddie Murphyís character is the sameÖ again, as is Stillerís as I mentioned before. Matthew Broderick was soooo odd. Alan Alda pulled off a deceiving bad guy and Casey Affleck was the most interesting straight man to watch here.

Tower Heist is not horrible. Itís watchable. My wife enjoyed itÖ surprisingly. I got bored by the 3rd act and started to read. I know Iíll never watch that again.

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