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Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« Reply #1005 on: February 11, 2013, 04:02:43 pm »
Needing a movie to watch (I didn't watch Killer Joe yet, but I definitely have to put down what's in my head, because it involves an insane square-shaped fat suit, amongst other things) I found this movie on Netflix called "Career Opportunities."  It's basically about a kid, the town liar who loses every job he has and drives his family to their wits end (exactly where I feel I am at this point) getting his last chance at employment-- at a Target (which I was ASTOUNDED to see so prominent in the movie.  These stores must have just come out then). Basically, he's the night janitor and winds up getting locked in with a young and VERY buxom Jennifer Connelly-- and a pair of dumb-as-dirt robbers.

It's really strange seeing something that's still so ubiquitous today-- the Target superstores, which really haven't changed that much-- stocked with out of date clothes and a wall of 8-tracks and tall CD boxes.  I missed out on all that the first time around (I wasn't in the country) so this was a weird present-meets-past thing happening.

And Jennifer Connelly rides a bouncy horse.

The movie was cute, I don't know if I would watch it again but something I was pleasantly surprised by was the hiring manager at Target was John Candy-- I don't think he was in the credits.  Funny scene, and it made me realize that John Candy does a nervous, tension-breaking laugh in all of his movies.  Someone needs to put together a supercut of all of those.

And because of John Candy, I next picked out a little movie I'd never heard of before called "Going Berserk," which looks like it's an SCTV movie since it's got a lot of people from that and it's from about that time.  John Candy plays a limo driver about to get married and getting into all sorts of wacky trouble, including getting arrested and escaping from the police truck handcuffed to Ernie Hudson, who runs to see his girlfriend.  And they get it on, with John Candy on the other side of the door frame being knocked around like a rag doll, this whole thing is right in the middle of a maybe twenty minute section of the film where you're at least chuckling at any time.

I haven't finished the movie yet though, I needed to go out and do some stuff but I'll be finishing it, although this one as well I'm not sure if I'll watch again, but it's definitely worth scoping.  It does strike me as the kind of movie where the actual storyline isn't considered important as long as you're laughing.  And it's funny, I just don't know if I ever let out a big guffaw.
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