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Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« Reply #1530 on: June 24, 2013, 05:26:39 pm »

Seems a bit different from Bobcat's other stuff, but I guarantee that there's probably no real Bigfoot in it and it's probably a big take-down of found footage movies or something.  If it's Bobcat, there's way more than what we're seeing.

Watching "Man Of The House."  Yeah, that movie where Tommy Lee Jones guards the cheerleaders.

Why am I watching it?  Simple: Vanessa Ferlito.  I revisited the Death Proof special features and was reintroduced to the rowr-worthy Vaness Ferliot (who I had a thing for when the movie came out) and Tarantino said she was in this, so I figured "why not?" when it popped up on Netflix.

And as much as I like Vanessa (and she's very much not the cheerleader type in the movie, she's got that self-confident tough Brooklyn thing going on that I like)... but there's two things that blew my mind (so far):

* Christina Milian rocked these tiny shorts in the breakfast scene.  Wow.

* The guy playing the Governor looked really familiar, and I realized a second later that it was the ACTUAL Governor of Texas.  Rick Perry!  The heck is he doing in THIS movie?  (Oh!  He was a cheerleader!  They just said!)

The movie is directed by Stephen (Steven?) Herek, who did The Mighty Ducks and Bill and Ted and so on and it's competent enough, Tommy Lee Jones is a decent straight man, the cheerleaders are cheerleader-y, they use the songs "Everybody Dance Now" and "I'm Too Sexy" (which I think is mandated by crummy movie law), one of the girls is trying to read Romeo And Juliet (you KNOW how I am about that play...

You know, I SHOULD check but I'm just guessing that Christina Milian played a high school cheerleader a couple years AFTER playing a college cheerleader in this movie.
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