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Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« Reply #1950 on: October 11, 2013, 06:20:56 am »
Europa Report

A found footage genre of film where a crew attempt to explore further reaches of the solar system by going to one of Jupiter’s moons… Europa. The film is cobbled together from all the observing camera’s. For the first time, this found footage is done in a way that doesn’t frustrate the viewer. This is not Gravity with eye candy footage. There is some impressive scenes and it all looks very authentic, to give it that science look over the science fiction look.

There can be some comparison’s to Apollo 18, a sci-fi/horror movies from a little while back, but the comparison is only in the space ship look and feel. Besides the last minute or two, do not depend on Europa Report to Sci-Fi fantasy. Europa Report is a slow methodical flick, with some pretty good moments of tension. But I feel with the found footage aspect dulls the tension quite a bit with extreme close-ups, fuzzy camera perspectives and general editing, where the viewer has to try to figure out what is going on.

I think Europa Report did a fantastic job of providing a realistic adventure to deep space.

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