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Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« Reply #225 on: February 06, 2012, 07:25:08 am »

This looked good in the trailer and so, the movie delivered. This is not an apocalypse, but it sure feels like it. Theyíve presented a pandemic in a very real way and itís scary. Contagion is not an action movie. The focus is on some key people, their perspective and high level view on what they think people will do when faced with such a dire situation. Contagion makes you think. For me itís a reminder how delicate our lives are and that such a small thing has the potential for a major and life altering impact. I think this movie will even make you think twice when youíre coughing. While watching the movie I had to cough once and it made me think.

In Time

This is science fiction and it immediately puts you in the future and take a huge leap in believability. Thatís what science fiction does, until it becomes true, then its non-fiction. Transaction of money has been replaced by time. Thatís right. People are assigned amounts of time that they will live. When time zeroís out, youíre dead. People earn and lose time. A phone call is 1 minute of your life time taken away. Coffee is 3 minutes. Etc. The other thing is when the time standard kicks in, thatís what you will look like for the rest of your life. People donít age. Lot's of plot holes. Ignore them and just run with it... OK

But you can still die. You are not immortal.

Thatís just the foundation of the movie. The conflict is between the classes of people. Some have massive amounts of time Ė The rich. They potentially could live for centuries or forever. They have the good life. Justin Timberlake is on the other side of the tracks and must beg borrow and steal to find his time that constantly is running out. One lucky day and man who has had enough of life gives him all his life. Apparently some bad guys did not like that transaction and movie starts to move along with Timberlake traveling to the good life and finding out what it really means to control time like some people can do. I find the movie compelling and for me it makes me think of today with the power of the rich and what they do with it.

Believe in Yourself
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