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Re: Christmas 2015
« on: December 08, 2015, 03:21:56 pm »
I'm still dragging my feet on presents, I wanna get this done as soon as possible so I can hunker down and enjoy X-mas.  But I have no idea what to get anyone.  My mom told me recently I always think of good presents, and I have no idea how, I always feel like I'm settling because I keep wracking my brain, stretching it as far as I can in order to think of something.

For this year, I'm determined not to get my sister anything hedgehog-gy.  She has too much of that stuff as it is and when Daisy dies (we had a little scare recently), she'll just have an apartment full of reminders.  No sir, not gonna let that happen.

The big thing that strikes me every year is what few shops I go to, I never make the effort to go do a distant mall or something, a big trek to get gifts that I couldn't find anywhere else.  I wouldn't even know where to look.  But I keep thinking "how can I expect to find something special on a place we all go to all the time?"  I still subscribe to that childish expectation that Christmas should be unique form the rest of the year, the gifts you give and get on Christmas can only come from that little narrow band of time, like it's a special little pocket universe we all fall into every year, a better one, where the normal rules don't apply and decency, kindness and going above and beyond in the name of love and friendship are the norm.


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