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Cleaning and Organization
« on: July 06, 2016, 07:47:08 pm »
I can't believe we don't have a thread for this (or if we do, it's buried somewhere), but given the fact that we're dudes and therefore messy, I'm sure we have some thoughts abotu this.

I was prompted to make this thread while reading this article in the New York Times Magazine (so paywall warning): Marie Kondo And The Ruthless War On Stuff.  The article isn't just about her and her interesting philosophy (only keep what brings you joy), but it also comapres and contrasts that with the ulitarian organization industry that exists in America and how that gets mixed with this idea of presentation and style.

I admit I've been thinking about this because of the book scaning.  As you'll recall, I've been digitizing my book collection and found myself wondering which books are worth keeping and which I'm not connected enough to to give away.

I've also had this going on with my old art, little of it survives, but I'm constantly debating with myself which new art to keep.  I keep a digital copy of everything, but the ones I really like, I keep the physical version too, cutting them to size and haphazardly orgnizing them in binders with black-backed pages to make them look nice.

The bit about losing possessions in a fire stuck out to me too, since we had that fire nearby last year.  There's very little stuff that I'd absolutely have to save, but it's not enough stuff to fill my life, and I would feel a massive loss if I lost my books, my movies, my art, and everything else.  It's an eclectic collection, and while anything that can be digitized (books, music, movies, pictures) is theoretically safe (if not vulnerable in a whole other way), that other stuff... I don't feel like I'm a prisoner of my possessions, but I also can't help escaping the fact that they're mine, a part of me, and I've always been tight with money: there's a reason I picked and bought everything that I own, which makes it harder to get rid of it.
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