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« on: June 25, 2014, 09:22:59 am »
Dammit, I can't believe we need this thread, but we do. There is sooooooooo much crap reported as news only to turn out as a hoax or just lazily reported without validation.

So post known hoax's here...

Kentucky Fried Hoax: Young Pitbull Attack Victim Never Asked to Leave Restaurant

Disfigured Little Girl Asked to Leave KFC Deemed a Hoax

Recently I blogged about the case of Victoria Wilcher, a little girl who suffered a horrific Pitbull attack that left her permanently scarred.  She lost an eye as the result of the attack, and part of her face droops because of nerve damage.  Victoria’s family made a Facebook page in her honor, Victoria’s Victories, and a comment on the page went viral when Victoria’s grandmother claimed she and her granddaughter were kicked out of a Jackson, Mississippi KFC restaurant because of the girl’s appearance.  Consequently, KFC donated $30,000 to help pay for Victoria’s many medical bills, and publicly apologized for the incident.  However, the authenticity of the grandmother’s claims were recently called into question and KFC launched an internal investigation.  The results of that investigation suggest that the entire incident was a hoax.

Victoria Wilcher a Victim Again

According to KFC’s internal investigation, the grandmother’s claims are unfounded.  According to the grandmother, she and Victoria went to the KFC for sweet tea and mashed potatoes earlier this month after completing one of Victoria’s many doctor appointments.  However, video surveillance footage shows no little girl and grandmother any days this month with an order of mashed potatoes and sweet tea.  The lack of evidence prompted KFC to denounce the claims as a hoax, but the company says that it will nevertheless honor its $30,000 donation to aid with Victoria’s medical bills.

Little Girl’s Family Promises the Claims Are “Not a Hoax”

Despite KFC’s conclusions and the multiple media reports that the incident at KFC was a hoax, Victoria’s family holds tight to their claims.  Victoria’s Aunt, who was originally responsible for creating the Facebook page in her honor, says that she “promises this isn’t a hoax”.  Some commenters on Facebook expressed suspicion that the story was a hoax to begin with, but KFC says that it will continue to honor its donation.  Donations overall have skyrocketed since the alleged incident at KFC, with doctor’s offices pledging to do Victoria’s surgery for free to reconstruct her face and foundations pledging to pay the entire cost of surgery.  An attorney for the family says that they are unsure if they will take KFC’s donation.
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Re: Hoax
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2014, 12:35:10 pm »
It's sh*t like this that really p*sses me off.
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