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Re: In Memory of Dani...
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:25:39 pm »
Ran across this piece I wrote some time ago. It just hit me how little has changed and how so much has changed.


Never has such a sting. It has a hurt like I ever have felt before.

Never is such a powerful concept.  Everybody knows the meaning of the word, very few feel it or are concerned about it. We may "never" see a someone again or we may "never" visit a place again. But this is OK. In fact it becomes "never" for probably a good reason.
We fall away from friends or we have no ambition to go back to that certain place. It is something accepted. Never becomes important when we expect things to happen and they disappear, never to happen again.

Never makes me cry now. It is something that stares me in the face every day, all day. It will be hurting me til the day I die. You see, my daughter Danielle died 4 years ago. She was a shining star. A beautiful girl ready to take on the world.
I will never see her accomplish this.
I will never see her laugh, sing or dance again.
I can never have a conversation with her.
I can never look into her eyes and see her warmth and love.
I can never tell her I love her and see her face light up.
I can never hold her tight in my arms.
I will never see her grow up, go to school get married, have kids.

Everytime I said never in the sentences above, never ripped through my heart.

It is so hard to ever turn on a smile knowing I will never feel the joy and happiness Dani brought to me. None of it makes sense and it never will.

Never is such a long time. I can only hope it will be an instant for Dani before I see her again in heaven.

Dani's dad
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