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Re: My Mom
« on: March 23, 2015, 09:06:21 am »
Mac, I totally sympathize with your problem. I more or less took care of my Grandparents since I was 16 years old and onward and as they got older, it became more problematic, which tried my patience to no end in just getting them to take better care of themselves. Easier said than done. I could (and would) talk to them until I was blue in the face and it still wouldn't make a dent because they (and each of us) are set in our ways. They are either going to do it or they won't. If they want to do what is necessary, they will. But in most cases, old age tends to sap their energy and doing the same things they use to do in the past so easily, become larger than life later in old age.  All I could do was grin and bare it and just be there and hope for the best, even if I knew it would never improve for either of us.
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