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Re: Oddly Satisfying
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:04:11 pm »
It's such a little thing, but I bought a couple of different organizers and I'm just SO satisfied.  This sounds like an ad, but no, really, I'm quite happy with what I found.

I had a bunch of thumb drives scattered all over my desk, bits of odds and ends I picked up with various media on each that I don't want to delete but don't use often enough.  So I ordered the GUANHE Universial Portable Waterproof Shockproof Electronic Accessories Organizer Holder off Amazon and I just fell in love with the thing.  More than enough slots for the thumb drives I have.  I need to go through them and find out which ones don't work, and probably label the rest, but I love that it's all in one place and that there's room for plenty more.

So off that little geeky adrenaline rush, I decided I wanted to organize all the pencils on my desk.  Despite having two coffee mugs full of random pens and pencils (usually the ones I collect), I wanted something I could pull out that I could have immediate access to the tools I use the most.  Now, I'm not really a pencil case person, I had them in school and never liked them, but I found theLIHIT LAB Pen Case and... it was what I wanted.  For the desk, at least.  Enough space for my mechanical pencil and one of each size of pen, plus some of my coloured markers, erasers, and leads.  Another thing I like?  It came with this cute little diagram of how to stock it.  Very Japanese.

The thing is, though, as much as I like it... I want one twice the size and I want one half the size, and they don't make them.  Anything smaller is just a jumble bag, but I want something I can take on a trip that just has seven-eight pen slots in book form that I can close up... I suppose what I could REALLY go for is something uniquely styled to my own taste.  If I had any kind of manual dexterity, I could make my own... like Adam Savage would.  But I don't have that talent.

But oh my god, my desk is so clean now.  I also got a new, sleek black USB hub to replace my old, fraying Tardis hub.  The result is a desk that looks empty most of the time.  I SHOULD put my action figures away for a while (the War Doctor, Luka from Gokaiger, and the Fugitoid)... but would my desk might be too stark then.

I also tried to get an organizer thing for my cables, and I ordered two in hopes that they'd be what I want, but... no.  Gonn ahave to return those.  Unless... perhaps I can find another use for them.


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