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Re: Politics
« Reply #135 on: October 14, 2012, 10:42:39 am »
Include me in the big percentile of those who take the Vice Presidents idea’s and words with a grain of
salt. I take the whole campaigning machine with a grain of salt, but the VP is just a small portion of it. I
think it’s obvious as hell that Ryan was selected for the main reason to shine new and different light on
Romney. Biden is Biden. He raises his head and spews dumb **** comments once in awhile to remind us
he’s still here.

I watched 30 minutes of the VP debate. In that 30 minutes I got what little I needed in information.
They both came out calm and cool. Biden slowly built up some passion and it was good to see that. I
would have been happy if Ryan did the same thing. But Biden definitely made me wonder why he was
smiling all the time. Grinning ear to ear, when Ryan was slamming him and the President. Nervousness?
I thought… stupidity. Why the hell are you smiling dude. Ryan on the other hand was even tempered.
But to my Ryan did two things wrong. First, several of his statements were pretty high up and detailed
about foreign policy. Many times I had no clue to what he was saying. But Ryan killed it for me by saying
we need to change the Ayatollah’s minds.

WTF Ryan... why do people let alone politicians think this is remotely possible?
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